Essential equipment to start a Call center

Essential equipment to start a Call center

Different types of businesses require different types of equipment according to their business needs. However, a call center often requires similar types of software to perform daily tasks. A call center can be of an insurance company, telemarketing, or real estate, they all need similar software, as well as equipment. Moreover, there are two major types of campaigns, like inbound campaigns and outbound campaigns. The most in-demand software remains outbound campaign management software.

According to the compatibility of the workforce, customer demand, and call volume, the call center predictive dialer software is selected. A cloud-based predictive dialer supports many operations in a call center as they deliver the compatibility to handle extreme call flow in time. Before commencing a call center, it is crucial to identify the prerequisites of the call center and what are business needs. On the basis of infrastructure, the number of personnel, call flow, and nature of business following equipment are taken into consideration:


  • Desktop, computers, or laptops
  • USB headsets and microphones
  • Data Handler 
  • Software to maintain call records
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
  • The need for predictive dialers
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Workforce Management Tools
  • After call survey tools


Desktop, computers, or laptops: For sustaining balance in the fast-paced working environment, it is essential to have an up-to-date laptop or computer. The modern computer or laptop helps in managing multiple types of software at the same time. Moreover, it also helps in handling big data and one after another call.

USB headsets and microphones: A headset is performance enhancer hardware, and its supporting software helps in giving effective resolution to the customer. Before starting a call center, it is essential to have modern hearing and speaking tools to influence the best performance.


Data Handler: A data handler acts as a key software to manage multiple data of a call center with efficiency. A modern data handling software can eliminate many problems and loopholes in the system and saves time and energy. It even eliminates the need for extra hardware and paper.

Software to maintain call records: Call recording software is very accommodating and serves as an inclusive cloud-based call center solution. Its existence supports the customer as well as a supervisor to listen to the call and verify the commitments made on the call. The call recording software is most of the time is integrated with analytical engines and helps in producing accurate research results.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP): Voice over IP is crucial software used in the call center, which makes a call over the internet rather than using landlines. It is used for clarity on the call and tracks the records of the calls made from the call center. The software is attached to the IP of the call the center known as IP telephony.

The need for predictive dialers: A predictive Dialer is fundamental software needed by almost every call center. It has prominent features like dialing calls automatically, removing unproductive calls, and unanswered calls. It additionally eliminates the disconnected calls and answered calls, saving a lot of time of agents.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD): Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a widely known artificial intelligence telephony system. It automatically distributes the calls to various agents. The software supports a great volume of incoming calls and plays recorded messages.

Workforce Management Tools: This is a leading and number one workforce management tool, CRM dialer Solutions. It assists in managing shifts, calls volume, agent categorization, and evaluating skill data.

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