Best Autodial Solution: Predictive Dialer Software

Predictive dialer software

A predictive dialing system is an easy way to configure outbound calling with the help of software that dials more than one number from the single agent that is depending upon the connectivity ratio. The predictive dialer service will increase the caller productivity and it also screens out no-answers, answering machines, busy signals, and disconnected numbers. It has a function that will easily dial multiple numbers at a time.

Easily generate a lead with the use of Predictive dialer software

Telephones and call centers are now rapidly using predictive dialer software to make an automated phone call to generate a lead or communicate with a customer also. With having the call center software, there is no need for a telemarketer to manually dial each phone number individually. Instead, use of predictive dialing, a computer does the dialing automatically. There are different types of predictive dialer software platforms, hardware platforms, and hosted platforms that are now easily available in the market.

While the agent uses predictive dialing software then it will immediately be connected to a new customer when they hang up their previous call. The dialer or agent also predicts the percentage of calls that are unanswered in a particular call list and dials the numbers more aggressively as needed. With predictive dialer software, the minimum time is taken between the calls at all, and agent talk time is getting easily maximized.

Keep your work consistent with the help of predictive dialer software

The predictive dialer software will help to prevent nuisance or silent calls. The silent call occurs when the auto-dialer will keep the calls multiple numbers at once, and when there is no agent are available to talk when the call is getting answered. The Predictive dialer software will also capture data on the calls made. This software will also allow the call center or the telephoning company to make special modifications to their regular calling pattern. By using this software you will easily get the complete information provided is how many calls were answered, how many calls are picked up by an answering machine or by voice mail, and how many calls are getting dropped.

Huge use of the Predictive dialer software now days

There are many survey companies and debt collection agencies are mostly use predictive dialer software. The survey companies purchase a list of phone numbers that are based on a certain geographic area. The phone number list gets loaded into the software and the auto dialer software will start the calls only on the numbers from that list in it.
The debt or the financial collection agencies upload their customers’ phone numbers that they need to call and then the auto dialer calls those from whom the collectors are trying to get their payments. Some many other different agencies and companies are using the dialer systems.

The Predictive dialer software is often used with the hardware platforms such as telephony boards. The telephony board equipment can easily detect the answering machines, and then it will either hang up or leave a recorded message. This will easily eliminate the need for the agent to process the call.

The Best Dialing Software

The Best Dialing Software

A call center acts as an essential part of almost every business organization. It exhibits a spinal cord of an organization. Working on the foot front, it brings clarity to the mindset of the customers. The call center develops a dynamic relationship between the organization and its customers. It promotes your product resolves the smallest and the biggest queries of the customer, and above all, it works like a bridge to enhance the customer base. A call center runs on a two ways tract inbound as well as outbound. Almost all the cloud-based contact center solutions required both. Call center features and call center application software are secondary concerns. However, an integrated call center involving inbound and outbound contact center management software proves to serve as the lifeline of the call center. It not only reduces the workload but exhibits a powerful phone call management in the organization. Lgorithmsolutions.com entails an impressive range of the best contact center software. It delivers a high-quality outbound call system and an inbound call management system signifying the quality of valuable service.




The inbound dialer system provided by the lgorithm solutions acquires an impeccable capability to organize the inbound calls. It exclusively handles the heavy call flow and enhances the time management skills of the agent by removing disconnected calls. The software supports the integration of necessary features to assign calls to numerous agents after they end the previous call. It even provides enough time for the agent to complete his/her notes regarding the conversation.


  • The inbound campaign for the call center involves screen pop-up on the screen of agents for the waiting call. An agent can prominently accept or reject the call manually. Moreover, it is integrated with the CRM interface with the knowledge base accessibility.
  • Another essential element in the inbound dialer system is customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The IVR helps in receiving, transferring, recording, and holding the call as per the agent’s convenience.
  • Another primitive feature of inbound calling software includes Self-service IVR. This feature directs the customer to solve their query theirself, without indulging in a lengthy conversation with an agent. However, if the feature is intellectually customized, then it even lands the call to the most suitable and qualified agent in the call center.
  • The software altogether monitors the inbound queue and provides Wait Time Notification to the management for the efficient workflow.




Outbound call software is another essential part of a call center. It allows the agents to contact the customers as per the requirements. It additionally incorporates Predictive, Progressive, Preview, Power, Automatic, and Manual features to facilitate the outbound calling procedure. The outbound software provided by the lgorithm solutions is extremely affordable that enables the least cost routing to facilitate the business. It delivers messages and calls to the customers with the same GSM gateway network server.

  • The outbound software boasts a significant feature of 100 percent voice recording.
  • The auto dialer software for the call center additionally involves the supervisory function of whispering or snooping.
  • It allows the inclusion of call barging, and Voice Blasts.
  • The other most significant feature is the SMS blast Advanced Recycling Rules.


You can visit our website lgorithmsolution.com for more information on the inbound and outbound software and services necessary for the call centers. Our experts will also assist you in finding the most suitable software according to your business type and size.

Essential equipment to start a Call center

Essential equipment to start a Call center

Different types of businesses require different types of equipment according to their business needs. However, a call center often requires similar types of software to perform daily tasks. A call center can be of an insurance company, telemarketing, or real estate, they all need similar software, as well as equipment. Moreover, there are two major types of campaigns, like inbound campaigns and outbound campaigns. The most in-demand software remains outbound campaign management software.

According to the compatibility of the workforce, customer demand, and call volume, the call center predictive dialer software is selected. A cloud-based predictive dialer supports many operations in a call center as they deliver the compatibility to handle extreme call flow in time. Before commencing a call center, it is crucial to identify the prerequisites of the call center and what are business needs. On the basis of infrastructure, the number of personnel, call flow, and nature of business following equipment are taken into consideration:


  • Desktop, computers, or laptops
  • USB headsets and microphones
  • Data Handler 
  • Software to maintain call records
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
  • The need for predictive dialers
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Workforce Management Tools
  • After call survey tools


Desktop, computers, or laptops: For sustaining balance in the fast-paced working environment, it is essential to have an up-to-date laptop or computer. The modern computer or laptop helps in managing multiple types of software at the same time. Moreover, it also helps in handling big data and one after another call.

USB headsets and microphones: A headset is performance enhancer hardware, and its supporting software helps in giving effective resolution to the customer. Before starting a call center, it is essential to have modern hearing and speaking tools to influence the best performance.


Data Handler: A data handler acts as a key software to manage multiple data of a call center with efficiency. A modern data handling software can eliminate many problems and loopholes in the system and saves time and energy. It even eliminates the need for extra hardware and paper.

Software to maintain call records: Call recording software is very accommodating and serves as an inclusive cloud-based call center solution. Its existence supports the customer as well as a supervisor to listen to the call and verify the commitments made on the call. The call recording software is most of the time is integrated with analytical engines and helps in producing accurate research results.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP): Voice over IP is crucial software used in the call center, which makes a call over the internet rather than using landlines. It is used for clarity on the call and tracks the records of the calls made from the call center. The software is attached to the IP of the call the center known as IP telephony.

The need for predictive dialers: A predictive Dialer is fundamental software needed by almost every call center. It has prominent features like dialing calls automatically, removing unproductive calls, and unanswered calls. It additionally eliminates the disconnected calls and answered calls, saving a lot of time of agents.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD): Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a widely known artificial intelligence telephony system. It automatically distributes the calls to various agents. The software supports a great volume of incoming calls and plays recorded messages.

Workforce Management Tools: This is a leading and number one workforce management tool, CRM dialer Solutions. It assists in managing shifts, calls volume, agent categorization, and evaluating skill data.

5 Top Features of Predictive Dialing System

5 Top Features of Predictive Dialing System

Automated communication is already in the trend, helping thousands of businesses to reach worldwide audiences. IT firms, call center businesses, and many other enterprises are utilizing top technologies for quality communication. One of the best products they utilize is predictive dialer solution, having automated call features.

Here is the list of top features that offer automated services along with quality calling:

  • 3-way Calling

This feature works as a conference call, but agents don’t need to hold up the call to add another person. With just a click of a button, they can make another person join the call. This feature is very useful when agents want to talk with the customers having the same queries.


  • Dialing Duration Customization

Another feature through which agents can automate their calling system is dialing duration customization. There are some tools available in the predictive dialers that can help agents to set a specific time after which the system will dial the customer’s number.

This is will reduce manual efforts of the agents, and save big time for them to do other tasks as well.


  • Campaign & lead management

This automated dialing system has various tools to analyze, customer and modify calling campaigns. With real-time reporting and analysis, these tools can make agents’ performance better and productive. They can get automated reports of every lead and campaign’s performance without any manual effort.


  • Call recording

It is an essential feature which every business calling system has. It saves quality recordings of the calls between agents and customers. These recordings are very helpful to analyze the quality of interaction and customize campaigns for better outcomes.


  • Voicemail messaging

Sending voicemails help to increase the opportunities of getting calls from customers. Many businesses utilize this feature to reach their audiences more specifically with quality voice recordings. Agents can customize their pre-recorded messages and send to their customers for informational purposes.

Using the top-notch features of predictive dialer software, companies are gaining huge benefits. By automating their calling campaigns, they can experience a high-quality business interaction process.