Install a home office setup for all your call center agents with Lgorithm Solutions’ new omnichannel mobile tool . Due to recent pandemic, it has become very challenging to communicate with employees and enhance customer services. The answer to all the worries is our unique Home Office Solutions for all employees at different levels. Monitor and control all the call center activities through work from call center software solution. Get a complete view of all the agents from different locations or access to all the tele systems. Managing all the operations without your usual office infrastructure has now become very easy.

Remote agents can help you reduce infrastructure costs as well as improve factors like:

  • Employee productivity enhancement
  • Higher employee satisfaction levels.
  • Real-time update from every agent.
  • Better customer service

360-degree access on a single screen without having to switch the screen, we provide a unique experience to all the managers. The easy to use and adaptable solutions enhance employee performance from the comfort of their home.

The software solutions also provide benefits like

  • Mobile Friendly

    Smart Phone compatible , IOS and Android compatibility

  • Omnichannel: Voice , Email , Social Media , Facebook , Twitter , Viber , WhatsApp,
    SMS management
  • Video Integration
    Video chat with your customers using Lgorithm’s new Video Module . Perfect fit for
    Telemedicine , banking , Insurance , recruitment KYC requirements
  • Complete security:
    With remote work, the security threat has also increased. Our cloud solutions make sure you
    have a secure work environment, even from remote locations.
  • Enhanced voice quality
    Our voice quality feature tested on competitive hardware solutions makes sure the customer
    gets a clear calling experience.
  • Ready work from home solutions
    The ready remote software setup can be customized as per your needs. Serve the customers
    with their preferred mode as we provide email, live chat, call, and WhatsApp support.