How does a local presence dialer work

Local presence dialer

Have an international business? Of course, you would want it to be known and grown in every region your business is involved in. And, in order to develop your business and expand, you need to communicate with your client personally- as if you live on the same street.


Even if you are in the call center based in one location, you can provide services or sell goods to other countries. Yet, it does not matter how near or far the company is, trust of the audience is a must. The thing that can help you gain trust is the local presence in the clients’ area.


Local Presence dialer works as a tool to boost the trust and confidence of people in the service provider. Eager to learn about the advantages of using the local Presence Dialer? Let us waste no more time and hop on to how it can help your brand.

Key Areas of Improvement for Local Presence Dialer

Before we get into answering the question, let us understand what makes the local presence! So, if you visit a new country and you want to connect with the local people, you will firstly adopt their languages. Not only to understand and interpret them but even to actually connect to them.

People feel comfortable when they see someone respecting and honoring the languages the natives speak.


Next, if you are about to call your client of another country, then you must be aware of their time at which they receive or can receive their calls. When you place a call to the client, you are supposed to consider the time of the client to reach out to them at the right time. Receiving calls at inappropriate times might even hamper the reliability of clients on the brand or business.


Lastly, the kind of number you pick when their phone rings matters too. For example, when people see a number in their local area, the chances to get picked up are higher compared to the numbers from another code. Unusual numbers might seem suspicious and nobody likes to answer strangers.


Setting your dialers right and appointing the right agents for the contacts can make such signs disappear. With the right language skills, you cleared the first stage of earning trust.

How does a local presence dialer work?

Local Presence Dialer works to smoothen and streamline these troubles so that they do not be a barrier in converting a lead. Get the languages right and other distance-related issues can be tackled by the local presence dialer work. This automated solution simplifies the lives of the agents and the manager as well as increases the productivity of the agents working.


What do you need to do? Just add the contact in the system and set the rules as per your business goals. The dialer works itself, locates the customers, and picks up the best time to place a call.


Local Presence Dialer is customizable.

It will check the validity of the number and add the right country code if the prefix is broken.

It displays the caller ID of the agent as per the country and region.

It places the call to the clients in accordance with their time zones.

Advantages of using Local presence dialer

With the best local presence dialer in your hands, you spend your time only talking to your customers. No more wasting your efforts or time on finding the correct lead, get the leads’ info, know their location, and wait for them to pick up.


The local presence dialer offers you the liberty to customize it and select the functions as per your business goals. Setting it once as per your target clients, you are good to go. The dialer does the rest of the work- it selects, systemizes, and calls the leads automatically. And, if you set the parameter, you can have the caller ID that is local to the region and show the same to the receiver. All the agents need to do is “talk” to the clients.

Time zone sensitivity

Disturbing your clients at inappropriate times should be and is a no-go. If the time zones in the call center and recipient’s country are different, it is highly probable. And, this is where the automated dialer ensures that customers receive calls only when it is the right time. Thus, get your agents at the right hours and the local presence dialer does the rest. Depending upon your needs, you can set the times the dialer should make the calls. With a little setting here and there, you can get rid of minor problems.

Increase in Connections & Call-Backs

Interaction with your customers matters, especially if this is your first time reaching out to them. Clients seeing numbers with an unfamiliar code or even no code, they can find it suspicious. Thus, you need to play smartly and reach out to them the right way. To overcome this obstacle, you can use the virtual numbers that are common for that area. Appear local and you can have the best impression on your clients as well as in case you missed them, they might even call back.

CRM integration

Now comes the best part, you need not manually do all the works for your leads or clients. Integrate the CRM with the local presence dialer and it can read all the data it needs about the lead. You can reach out and manage each customer effectively. Therefore, you can get everything in one place and all visualized. And, with everything in one place, the entire system can be made simple and convenient for the agents to work upon the leads and make the necessary changes as per the current status of the conversation. No more switching to work and environment- get all in one place.

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