Best Autodial Solution: Predictive Dialer Software

Predictive dialer software

A predictive dialing system is an easy way to configure outbound calling with the help of software that dials more than one number from the single agent that is depending upon the connectivity ratio. The predictive dialer service will increase the caller productivity and it also screens out no-answers, answering machines, busy signals, and disconnected numbers. It has a function that will easily dial multiple numbers at a time.

Easily generate a lead with the use of Predictive dialer software

Telephones and call centers are now rapidly using predictive dialer software to make an automated phone call to generate a lead or communicate with a customer also. With having the call center software, there is no need for a telemarketer to manually dial each phone number individually. Instead, use of predictive dialing, a computer does the dialing automatically. There are different types of predictive dialer software platforms, hardware platforms, and hosted platforms that are now easily available in the market.

While the agent uses predictive dialing software then it will immediately be connected to a new customer when they hang up their previous call. The dialer or agent also predicts the percentage of calls that are unanswered in a particular call list and dials the numbers more aggressively as needed. With predictive dialer software, the minimum time is taken between the calls at all, and agent talk time is getting easily maximized.

Keep your work consistent with the help of predictive dialer software

The predictive dialer software will help to prevent nuisance or silent calls. The silent call occurs when the auto-dialer will keep the calls multiple numbers at once, and when there is no agent are available to talk when the call is getting answered. The Predictive dialer software will also capture data on the calls made. This software will also allow the call center or the telephoning company to make special modifications to their regular calling pattern. By using this software you will easily get the complete information provided is how many calls were answered, how many calls are picked up by an answering machine or by voice mail, and how many calls are getting dropped.

Huge use of the Predictive dialer software now days

There are many survey companies and debt collection agencies are mostly use predictive dialer software. The survey companies purchase a list of phone numbers that are based on a certain geographic area. The phone number list gets loaded into the software and the auto dialer software will start the calls only on the numbers from that list in it.
The debt or the financial collection agencies upload their customers’ phone numbers that they need to call and then the auto dialer calls those from whom the collectors are trying to get their payments. Some many other different agencies and companies are using the dialer systems.

The Predictive dialer software is often used with the hardware platforms such as telephony boards. The telephony board equipment can easily detect the answering machines, and then it will either hang up or leave a recorded message. This will easily eliminate the need for the agent to process the call.

How does a local presence dialer work

Local presence dialer

Have an international business? Of course, you would want it to be known and grown in every region your business is involved in. And, in order to develop your business and expand, you need to communicate with your client personally- as if you live on the same street.


Even if you are in the call center based in one location, you can provide services or sell goods to other countries. Yet, it does not matter how near or far the company is, trust of the audience is a must. The thing that can help you gain trust is the local presence in the clients’ area.


Local Presence dialer works as a tool to boost the trust and confidence of people in the service provider. Eager to learn about the advantages of using the local Presence Dialer? Let us waste no more time and hop on to how it can help your brand.

Key Areas of Improvement for Local Presence Dialer

Before we get into answering the question, let us understand what makes the local presence! So, if you visit a new country and you want to connect with the local people, you will firstly adopt their languages. Not only to understand and interpret them but even to actually connect to them.

People feel comfortable when they see someone respecting and honoring the languages the natives speak.


Next, if you are about to call your client of another country, then you must be aware of their time at which they receive or can receive their calls. When you place a call to the client, you are supposed to consider the time of the client to reach out to them at the right time. Receiving calls at inappropriate times might even hamper the reliability of clients on the brand or business.


Lastly, the kind of number you pick when their phone rings matters too. For example, when people see a number in their local area, the chances to get picked up are higher compared to the numbers from another code. Unusual numbers might seem suspicious and nobody likes to answer strangers.


Setting your dialers right and appointing the right agents for the contacts can make such signs disappear. With the right language skills, you cleared the first stage of earning trust.

How does a local presence dialer work?

Local Presence Dialer works to smoothen and streamline these troubles so that they do not be a barrier in converting a lead. Get the languages right and other distance-related issues can be tackled by the local presence dialer work. This automated solution simplifies the lives of the agents and the manager as well as increases the productivity of the agents working.


What do you need to do? Just add the contact in the system and set the rules as per your business goals. The dialer works itself, locates the customers, and picks up the best time to place a call.


Local Presence Dialer is customizable.

It will check the validity of the number and add the right country code if the prefix is broken.

It displays the caller ID of the agent as per the country and region.

It places the call to the clients in accordance with their time zones.

Advantages of using Local presence dialer

With the best local presence dialer in your hands, you spend your time only talking to your customers. No more wasting your efforts or time on finding the correct lead, get the leads’ info, know their location, and wait for them to pick up.


The local presence dialer offers you the liberty to customize it and select the functions as per your business goals. Setting it once as per your target clients, you are good to go. The dialer does the rest of the work- it selects, systemizes, and calls the leads automatically. And, if you set the parameter, you can have the caller ID that is local to the region and show the same to the receiver. All the agents need to do is “talk” to the clients.

Time zone sensitivity

Disturbing your clients at inappropriate times should be and is a no-go. If the time zones in the call center and recipient’s country are different, it is highly probable. And, this is where the automated dialer ensures that customers receive calls only when it is the right time. Thus, get your agents at the right hours and the local presence dialer does the rest. Depending upon your needs, you can set the times the dialer should make the calls. With a little setting here and there, you can get rid of minor problems.

Increase in Connections & Call-Backs

Interaction with your customers matters, especially if this is your first time reaching out to them. Clients seeing numbers with an unfamiliar code or even no code, they can find it suspicious. Thus, you need to play smartly and reach out to them the right way. To overcome this obstacle, you can use the virtual numbers that are common for that area. Appear local and you can have the best impression on your clients as well as in case you missed them, they might even call back.

CRM integration

Now comes the best part, you need not manually do all the works for your leads or clients. Integrate the CRM with the local presence dialer and it can read all the data it needs about the lead. You can reach out and manage each customer effectively. Therefore, you can get everything in one place and all visualized. And, with everything in one place, the entire system can be made simple and convenient for the agents to work upon the leads and make the necessary changes as per the current status of the conversation. No more switching to work and environment- get all in one place.

Advantages of Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers are used in call centers which predicts the right time when the customer will be most responsive to the calls. Predictive dialer VOIP is a software product with the use of VOIP service directly, it is capable of predictive dialing. Basically, it is configured as a set of soft phones of a VOIP service.

VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. As people have begun to prefer VOIP to the age old communication services, the demand of VOIP service have been increased. This demand has led to a rapid growth of this industry creating business opportunities for many entrepreneurs. Retail VOIP can be defined as the business where VOIP service provider offers services to the individuals customers. These are those individuals who are at long distance and make calls, organization, and giving the employees to many who are usually use these communication service.

Some of the advantages of predictive dialer VoIP;

It is dialer software which works on an intelligent algorithm. They are able to dials the phone numbers which are stored in the database, and once the call is connected, it assigns the call to the available agent.

  1. They minimizes the waiting time of the agent by predicting that when the agent available to take the next call is.
  2. They are based on cloud-based dialer which helps the customer in which data is automatically updated.
  3. They come with the advantage of cloud, so due to which the call can be made and received anytime and at any place.
  4. It improves the customer-agent communication by monitors the live calls without disturbing the ongoing conversation.
  5. The potential numbers will be dials only because it can be filters out the busy numbers, and voicemail calls.
  6. For improving call center productivity it can provides extensive reports with complete statistics
  7. Both the inbound and outbound calls can be blend.
  8. They are integrated with CRM which helps in efficient utilization of all the customer data for the agent.

Introduction of the CRM dialer solutions

CRM stands for the Customer relationship management are the software that helps the call center agents to obtain the right information and knowledge about history of customer to improve the overall customer’s experience. It is an augmented CRM system which is meets by the existing team operations and their activities. You can have a completely customized CRM platform instead of having multiple systems for each activity which helps you to manage your current responsibility. They have to manage different functionalities which are associated with daily operations. During the normal work day it would be struggle to manage multiple work-related software. You can connect all the different platforms to a central dashboard with the help of API integration.

So, The API integrations are that which involve different business software exchanging information. . Some of the features includes like call queueing, call recording, voicemail, blacklists and contact tags. Their mission is to extension of the client, adding value by collaborating to achieve success. They help the clients to reach next level.

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Boost your call center ROI with Predictive Dialer

Boost your call center ROI with Predictive Dialer

Are you familiar with Predictive Dialer? Predictive Dialer is one of the fastest outbound calling software that automatically dials numerous telephone numbers and connects the answered call to the agents and help agents with describing voicemail, busy signals, not available, no-answers, and disconnected numbers. Nowadays, the contact center industry is considered one of the leading industries in the market. Contact centers use different calling software to increase the productivity of the organization and it is true that the rate of call conversion is the key factor that is responsible for the productivity and profitability of any organization.


Today, for every 100 dialed calls in a call center, only 14-16 calls are connected to the right person, and the rest of the calls are disconnected, wrong numbers, or not available. Predictive Dialer is an effective calling software that is known for resolving the problem of failed or dropped calls. This software can boost your organization’s productivity by 150%- 400%.


The aim of Predictive Dialer is to increase the ROI of your call center. This software comes with extraordinary features and can increase the total volume of your calls and resolve various complexities.

Regular or Ordinary auto-dialers dials a number when an agent is free, but a predictive dialer utilizes predictive statistical analysis and tells a call should be placed or not. The call centers who are at large-scale utilizes this intelligent software and increases their business leads.


How is Predictive Dialer Calling System Boosts ROI?


Helps in Increasing the Right Party Contacts Per Hour

Every individual is familiar with this fact that only ROI can boost the productivity of the contact center and manual dialing software is normal calling software that can’t increase the Right party contacts per hour. A predictive dialer is the one which can increase the number of right contact calls and boost the productivity of your business. The software does this task in two ways-


First, In manual dialers, people dials numbers which takes a lot of time, but predictive software dials number in an efficient and faster way. It also dials those numbers which will be answered.


Secondly, it boosts the volume of calls by 188-189%.


Predictive Dialer Boosts Productivity

The organizations which run the sales process depend upon their inside sales and outside work process to produce monthly good results. Length of time and unanswered calls are the most common and challenging problems that organizations are facing nowadays.


If you are using manual dialers, it takes at least 30 to 40 secs to dial one call, and if the call is unanswered you waste your one-minute for that particular call. You also need to dial that number again because the call was unanswered. But predictive dialers are the one-stop solution to eliminate such type of issues. This software determines the client’s availability with agents and reduces the length of call connecting time. If you will manage your time, then your business productivity will automatically increase because you can do more work at that time.


If you utilize more hours to do work, you can make more calls. If you will make more calls, then you can make more sales.


Helps in Reducing Compliance Risk

Apart from reducing the inactive time between agents, this intelligent software also reduces the waiting time for inbound guests. Diminished hold-up time prompts a lower client deserting rate.  The effectiveness of a predictive dialer diminishes an organization’s compliance risk presentation by making higher consumer loyalty. So, if you also want to reduce compliance risk, start using the predictive dialer in your contact center.


Helps in Managing Leads Efficiently

Have you ever heard about business leads? Well, every individual knows about leads and the importance of leads. So, there is no need to explain leads. Let’s discuss how predictive dialer manages leads efficiently?


Leads are gold for any business. If you have your own business and your marketing and sales department is doing their work properly, then you should have more business leads. The conversion of leads into clients is the main responsibility of the sales department. When you do not dial the right numbers, when you are not preparing for the next call, when you are not making the right calls at the right time, then you are wasting your leads and losing productivity. A single call plays a crucial role in the productivity of a business because you can get a contract from one client. Predictive Dialers also comes with a lead management system. You can interact with more customers if you have better lead management.


Such type of advance calling software can also screen out DNC or “do not call” numbers. It can also predict a list of dialed and eligible numbers.  This software is capable of doing leads conversion, leads info recording, finding customer history, tracking of sales, and other important data. You can also use more efficient modes to detect data. So, generate more leads to your business by using a predictive dialer in your call center.


Helps in Increasing the Number of Live Conversations

Predictive Dialers are the fastest and intelligent calling software which is also known for increasing the rate of live conversations. When live conversations increase in any business, the unique client interaction is also increased at that time, which is important for the growth of a company. You can save your time by using this software and can talk to more customers. Now, this is the era of technology. By using more technology, you can do anything fast and by using the predictive dialer, you can make communication with your customers easier. Get updated with the latest updates and advanced tools or software.


Are you using manual or regular dealers in your contact center? If yes, then stop using this. Start using only predictive dialers and if you want to know more information about this software then get in touch with LGORITHM SOLUTIONS. This company will tell you about every aspect which is significant for a call center.


How does a predictive dialer work and their benefits

How does a predictive dialer work and their benefits

As mankind keeps progressing, the nature of the working style keeps developing. Well, the telephones have come a long way from a manual telephone booth or box to predictive dialers. Well, this development has come after immense innovation. We shall discuss the best call center solutions and how the predictive dialer works.

 What is Predictive Dialer?         

Companies these days largely benefit through customer support. However, most of the time, the company relies on telephony technology for calls, but not many organizations are known for using the right technology for calling purposes. However, this hampers the process of working, and hence there was a greater need for automation. The concept of predictive dialer was introduced to reduce manual efforts. However, since its introduction, the booming use of predictive dialer has been witnessed in many of the call centers, rather mostly used in the call centers. It can be termed as integrated call center software

  • Well, a predictive dialer is a component that helps to call the list of numbers fed by the agent without any manual efforts, and thus it is purely an automatic process.
  • It connects the live callers automatically to the agents who are available to take the call.
  • Well, the predictive dialer is driven by the complex algorithm that helps the component learn the patterns of calling in an organization. The algorithm helps the component to understand the availability of the agents to take the call, and can also dial the numbers which are fed to it by the organization.

How does the Predictive caller work?

Driven by a complex and sophisticated algorithm, the predictive caller does not just call the numbers that have been fed to it, but also enables the agent to keep the track and monitor the successful calls (the calls which are answered).

  • The predictive dialer also monitors the call length to help the agent determine the call timing and hence making the slots available for the agent to pick up the next call.
  • One of the merits of using the predictive caller is that the unanswered or disconnected calls are discarded, and hence only those calls which are answered by the live people are connected to the gent, and thus it saves the time of the agent.
  • It contributes the agent to work on increasing productivity.

Why predictive dialers are popular?

The concept of predictive dialer has been turning out to be favorite among the call centers due to its ability to save time and reducing the number of calls that a call center has to answer.

Predictive dialer is also known to increase the timing of the agent speaks with the caller, and thus this results in attending maximum calls. In most of the call centers, which do not use the predictive dialer, they are noticed to be spending 20 minutes out of an hour in talking with the customer. On the other side, the call centers which use the predictive dialers are known to spend 40 minutes out of an hour, talking to the caller. And thus, this results in booming productivity.

Major benefits of using the Predictive dialer

After we have learned about the predictive dialer and why it is getting popular, we shall have a quick sneak peek into those major factors leading to the maximum usage of this intelligent technology.

  • The algorithm fused in it makes it unique in terms of technology, as the predictive dialer works intelligently on transferring the call to those agents who are available to take the call.
  • Not letting the call wait for one particular agent to answer, the predictive dialer is known to distribute the calls equally among all the agents attending the call. However, the agent has no option of rejecting or answering any particular call.
  • As mentioned before that predictive dialer reduces the efforts of scribbling down the call notes or important information. Well, sometimes, an agent may have to note down the note or information provided on-call by the client, and in any case if the information gets lost, it may lead the agent into a trouble, and hence the predictive caller not just maintains the record of the client but also helps the agent in securing and storing the information.
  • It can help someone rework the call concerning the list of the previous call list.
  • An option to do not disturb is also maintained to help the managers and agents to list the number that must not be connected in a case of dummy calls.
  • The predictive dialer is a handful in those call centers which deal with the inbound and outbound calls by helping blend the calls. Also, the software is known to keep the calls in the queue if the agents are unavailable to receive the call.
  • It helps the organization maintain the relationship with agents as there is no biased behavior in assigning maximum work to any particular client, as the work or the calls are directly assigned by the dialer.
  • In every predictive dialer, there is an integrated call monitoring and recording interface, which helps the manager to track the performance of the agent. Also, if any flaws are found in the agent’s approach towards work, it can be rectified through adequate training.
  • One may not need an expensive PBX setup if the predictive dialer is set up. And hence, it helps startups or any organization is reducing the cost.

However, buying the Predictable dialer can sometimes be a tough job as a very few organizations are involved in manufacturing the setup. However, the ‘Lgorithm Solutions’ have had been involved in providing the end to end communication solutions that are designed to meet the expectations of the clients through all the vertices. Our products and services are designed as per the client’s expectations.