Best Autodial Solution: Predictive Dialer Software

Predictive dialer software

A predictive dialing system is an easy way to configure outbound calling with the help of software that dials more than one number from the single agent that is depending upon the connectivity ratio. The predictive dialer service will increase the caller productivity and it also screens out no-answers, answering machines, busy signals, and disconnected numbers. It has a function that will easily dial multiple numbers at a time.

Easily generate a lead with the use of Predictive dialer software

Telephones and call centers are now rapidly using predictive dialer software to make an automated phone call to generate a lead or communicate with a customer also. With having the call center software, there is no need for a telemarketer to manually dial each phone number individually. Instead, use of predictive dialing, a computer does the dialing automatically. There are different types of predictive dialer software platforms, hardware platforms, and hosted platforms that are now easily available in the market.

While the agent uses predictive dialing software then it will immediately be connected to a new customer when they hang up their previous call. The dialer or agent also predicts the percentage of calls that are unanswered in a particular call list and dials the numbers more aggressively as needed. With predictive dialer software, the minimum time is taken between the calls at all, and agent talk time is getting easily maximized.

Keep your work consistent with the help of predictive dialer software

The predictive dialer software will help to prevent nuisance or silent calls. The silent call occurs when the auto-dialer will keep the calls multiple numbers at once, and when there is no agent are available to talk when the call is getting answered. The Predictive dialer software will also capture data on the calls made. This software will also allow the call center or the telephoning company to make special modifications to their regular calling pattern. By using this software you will easily get the complete information provided is how many calls were answered, how many calls are picked up by an answering machine or by voice mail, and how many calls are getting dropped.

Huge use of the Predictive dialer software now days

There are many survey companies and debt collection agencies are mostly use predictive dialer software. The survey companies purchase a list of phone numbers that are based on a certain geographic area. The phone number list gets loaded into the software and the auto dialer software will start the calls only on the numbers from that list in it.
The debt or the financial collection agencies upload their customers’ phone numbers that they need to call and then the auto dialer calls those from whom the collectors are trying to get their payments. Some many other different agencies and companies are using the dialer systems.

The Predictive dialer software is often used with the hardware platforms such as telephony boards. The telephony board equipment can easily detect the answering machines, and then it will either hang up or leave a recorded message. This will easily eliminate the need for the agent to process the call.

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